How to tie a tie knot – 9 Steps to GO

The tie is one of the basic accessories in the men’s wardrobe, and there are many men who wear one every day for work reasons. If you want to know how to tie a tie knot , read on and take note of the steps to make it easy and not complicate your life every time you have to put one on. […]

How to make sashimi the easy way in 6 steps

Sashimi is one of the most successful dishes internationally , it is not only the star dish in Japan but millions of people around the world consume it frequently since it is very versatile and can be prepared with a wide variety of ingredients. Today we show you how to prepare sashimi easily in just a few steps, you will […]

How to do a separation of assets step by step

According to the Civil Code that is in force, when you get married you can choose two different regimes : the separation of property or the joint property, each with its own characteristics. Today we tell you how to make a property separation so that you know everything related to this issue and know the […]