Have you ever gone for a walk with your dog? Or are you going on a trip with your dog? Then these tips from veterinarian Johan Devalez will undoubtedly come in handy.

There is no specific legislation on animals in the car. The law that could apply to this is the article that says, “you must maintain control of the handlebars at all times and have freedom of movement at all times.”

The animals in the car should not hinder you. For example, your cat should not sit under the brake pedal. Likewise, your large dog should not obstruct visibility in the back seat.

How Do You Safely Take Your Dog in the Car?

3 Good Methods

1. What Is the Best Way to Transport a Dog on Long Distances?

Traveling long distances with a nervous animal is far from pleasant, both for the dog and the passengers. There are calming pills for dogs, so they get sleepy and stay calm in the car or sleep. However, that is only for long distances because if you give them, this means going to a forest or a park, you are left with a tired animal.

You give the medicine an hour to half an hour in advance, then they are undoubtedly sleepy enough, and you can add it, depending on the duration of the ride!

2. When Taking a Dog for a Long Distance, How Often Do You Have to Stop to Get Him to Exercise, Drink, and Pee?

Just like humans, it is best to let dogs out of the car every two to three hours to stretch their legs, urinate and have a drink!

3. Often People Leave a Window Open for the Dog During the Car Ride; Is That a Good Idea?

That’s not a good idea. This makes them more likely to contract an eye infection or an ear infection.

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