11 Best Star Wars Dog Names

Best Star Wars Dog Names: If you’re getting a new dog from a galaxy, err, city, far, far away, and consider yourself a Star Wars superfan, you might want to consider one of these galactic names from the world’s most famous movie series. There’s plenty of inspiration between 12 movies, four TV series, and countless […]

How Do You Safely Take Your Dog in the Car?

How Do You Safely Take Your Dog in the Car?

Have you ever gone for a walk with your dog? Or are you going on a trip with your dog? Then these tips from veterinarian Johan Devalez will undoubtedly come in handy. There is no specific legislation on animals in the car. The law that could apply to this is the article that says, “you must maintain […]

How to tie a tie knot – 9 Steps to GO

The tie is one of the basic accessories in the men’s wardrobe, and there are many men who wear one every day for work reasons. If you want to know how to tie a tie knot , read on and take note of the steps to make it easy and not complicate your life every time you have to put one on. […]