Have you been looking for the ideal pair of boxing gloves for quite some time but can’t find your way around? Then this buying guide might be able to help. When looking for the perfect pair of boxing gloves, it is essential to consider the price, size, materials, and maintenance. It is an excellent recommendation to compare as many boxing gloves as possible and not shy away from any offers.

Boxing Gloves Buying Guide

The Usefulness of Boxing Gloves

In the past, boxers mainly used boxing gloves during training in preparation for a camp and during the camps themselves. Today we see the use of boxing gloves increasing and not just among boxers. Novice athletes also buy boxing gloves today because it is an excellent way to lose a few pounds.

Boxing is considered a top sport in which cardio and strength are effortlessly combined. Handy if you also want to gain muscle mass or want to lose weight. The versatility of boxing has therefore ensured that boxing gloves are increasingly purchased today.

Size and Weight About the Fit

When you decide to buy boxing gloves, the size and weight are significant in short, the right fit. The gloves must be neither too small nor too large. When determining the size, you should ask yourself why you decide to buy the boxing gloves. Is it your intention to lose weight, or do you want to train effectively and play matches? In addition to the objective, gender is, of course, also significant, as is your weight and your physique.

We can say that you should buy boxing gloves mainly based on weight. This weight is repeatedly expressed in “oz.” A higher weight, so a higher oz number immediately indicates a larger boxing glove. For example, a boxing glove weighing 14 oz will weigh more and be more significant than a 10 oz pair. In competitions, for example, it is more important to take a higher weight into account, because only in this way can you train your endurance better. So, in that case, 14 oz gloves will be better than a 10 oz pair.

The Materials Used and the Design

Most boxing gloves feel pretty sturdy and rugged the moment you put them on for the first time. That makes sense as the design of a boxing glove aims to provide as much protection as possible. This can avoid broken hands or fingers. In most cases, boxing gloves are made of synthetic leather, combined with soft padding on the inside.

However, many other materials are used in practice. For example, you can opt for boxing gloves made of genuine, high-quality leather. Keep in mind that it is better not to maintain such gloves with a saline solution. The use of plastic, cotton, and polyester is also not unknown.

The Maintenance of Boxing Gloves

Whether you decide to buy boxing gloves or you have already bought a pair, always keep maintenance in mind. Whether or not intensive use of the boxing gloves ensures that the gloves have to deal with sweat odor, bacteria, and dirt. By maintaining them properly, they will not only be more durable but also odor-free. It is therefore essential to thoroughly clean the gloves after every training and competition. But how exactly should you do that?

Initially, it is essential to let your boxing gloves dry out as much as possible. If you have sweated quite a lot, a saline solution beforehand is a good recommendation. A salt solution ensures that you can avoid and kill sweat odors and possible bacteria. Pay attention to the type of material; for example, it is better not to give boxing gloves made of leather, but it is better not to treat with a saline solution.

Furthermore, there are plenty of antibacterial sprays, or there are also users who put the gloves in the freezer for a few nights.

Extra Options and the Possible Price Tag

Finally, you will notice that specific boxing gloves offer just a few more features and possibilities that may add value for the whole. For example, it can be helpful if the boxing gloves are lined as you have less chance of irritation and wounds. The use of compression can also be a plus.

Of course, you have to understand that the finish and the presence of extra features can also influence the final price tag. Just as the materials and the fit can also determine the price, the average price of a pair of decent boxing gloves is estimated at 59 euros. This means that you can often buy cheaper ones, just like many expensive boxing gloves are offered on the market.

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