Vision plays a vital role in ballistic sports such as shooting, hunting, or airsoft. With Wiley X prescription shooting glasses, you can best protect your eyes and enjoy 100% perfect vision without compromise.

The Best Graduated Shooting Glasses

Thanks to the collaboration with Shamir, a leading manufacturer of prescription lenses, Wiley X can offer graduated polygon glasses that ensure perfect vision without compromise. At the same time, like all Wiley X ballistic goggles, these goggles also guarantee the highest level of protection in every situation.

Shamir manufactures premium quality prescription lenses using the latest technologies, specializing in producing prescription lenses for eyewear with high base curvature. The polycarbonate lenses produced have a minimum thickness of 2.2 mm +/- 10% which meets the high safety standards of WILEY X ballistic goggles.

Shooting Glasses Graduated Also With High Powers

The result of this successful partnership is the shooting glasses-sized products from Wiley X.

Most from polygon glasses Wiley X can be purchased with prescription eyeglass lenses. In the case of corrective lenses with very complex powers for myopia and in the presence of strong astigmatism, different models also offer the possibility of housing an optical insert for prescription lenses inside the frame.

Graduated Shooting Glasses

Wiley X Saber Ballistic Glasses

WILEY X SABER ADVANCED one of the Best Shooting Glasses for Sporting Clays on the market today, available in 5 different lens colors, including the model with yellow, Pale Yellow, Smoke Gray, Clear, Vermillon, and rust lenses. The Wiley X Saber Advanced lens meets the world’s highest ballistic score, providing premium protection from bullets traveling at speeds of up to 910km / h.

These are unbreakable lenses made of Selenite ™ polycarbonate that meet the ballistic standards MIL-PRF-32432 (GL): ANSI Z87.1-2010 standard for high speed and high mass impact: as well as the US Federal Standards OSHA 1910.133 ( b) (1) (1).

For their lightness, clear vision, and distortion, Wiley X Saber Advanced ballistic glasses are considered the best sunglasses for practicing different ballistic sports. Suitable for hunting, shooting, and airsoft, they are perfect in any light condition.

The Wiley X Saber lens with Smoke Gray tint is excellent in dazzling light conditions and reduces reflections without distorting colors. Vermillion lenses are suitable for low to medium light conditions, offer excellent contrast, and illuminate targets.

The yellow lenses, pale yellow, (Pale Yellow) are the best shades of a lens to improve vision in low light conditions to be poor or extremely poor, improving the contrast (night vision, fog, mist, etc.). To increase the contrast in medium to low light conditions, opt for orange lenses. Finally, the Clear lenses, transparent lenses, allow you to see the precise color and allow maximum light transmission. They are ideal in foggy overcast situations, at dawn and dusk.

Scratch-resistant, thanks to the T-Shell ™ coating of the lenses, ensures 100% UVA / UVB protection.

The nose pad is adjustable and can be adapted to all sizes and shapes of the nose. The telescopic rods are also fully adjustable and accommodate a wide variety of head sizes. In any case, Wiley X Saber Advanced is also available in the version with an elastic band.

Graduated Ballistic Glasses Thanks to the Insert With Visible Lenses

The glasses Wiley X was born on the battlefield, and due to internal support for prescription lenses ( PTX of) Wiley X, sold separately, glasses Wiley X Saber became ballistic prescription glasses. If you are looking for prescription military glasses and need prescription lenses, choosing Wiley X Saber Advanced ballistic glasses allows you to enjoy the perfect vision and practical advantages.

In the first place, you can quickly and economically replace the coloring of the external lenses. Wiley X Saber glasses are available in 5 different colors that allow you to adapt to any light condition. If Smoke Gray lenses are the ideal lenses in bright light conditions, Vermillion lenses, for example, are perfect for low to medium light conditions, offer excellent contrast, and illuminate targets.

It is also important to underline that your ballistic glasses are certified as safety glasses, thanks to the type of Wiley X lenses. With Saber Advanced, you get infinite functionality and durability.

The internal PTX optical insert can be used with Saber Advanced glasses and WX Vapor, WX Rogue, WX Rogue Comm, Nerve, Spear, and Spear Dual models.

Wiley X Glasses

If you want to buy Wiley X glasses online, contact us for the best advice. Even in the case of medium / high visual defects, for myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism, Roberto, our professional optician, will be able to advise you professionally for the purchase of eyeglasses that meet your needs. For clarification, specific requests, personalized quotes, special needs, or purchase assistance, call 0110868446 and ask for Roberto.

Wiley X Saint

Wiley X provides a wide range of airsoft glasses. For airsoft enthusiasts, the new sport recognized by Coni, based on the simulation of absolutely non-violent military actions, these ballistic protective goggles are considered the Best Shooting Glasses for Sporting Clays.

Light and nasty, WILEY X SAINT airsoft goggles have passed all the most essential tests for safety.

Wiley X Polarized Glasses With Interchangeable Lenses

The Wiley X Saint glasses are one of the polarized glasses models Wiley X designed to allow easy removal and replacement of the lens.

Rimless glasses at the bottom are very light with a decidedly sporty design. They are enriched by a unique system that allows you to change lenses very easy to adapt to any light condition.

The glossy black frame and polarized lenses (Polarized Smoke Green Lens and Polarized Blue Mirror Green Lens) offer one of the best ballistic protective goggles that, thanks to the Wiley X curved temples, guarantees a feeling of safety and comfort that allows you to move quickly and quickly in any situation.

Polarized Sunglasses

The polarized glasses Saint Wiley X provides more clarity in the details and quality in day colors. They reduce glare without distorting colors and make it easier to see in the water and are therefore also ideal for water sports and fishing. They provide 100% UV protection, and the lenses are coated with hydrophobic and anti-reflective treatment protected by the scratch-resistant T-Shell ™ layers.

American Sniper’s Combat Glasses

Saint glasses are famous because Chris Kyle wore them in the American Sniper movie. Wiley X uses only the most robust lightweight materials in the world to make this ballistic protective eyewear: unbreakable Selenite ™ polycarbonate, scratch-resistant Shell ™ coated lenses, and virtually indestructible Triloid ™ nylon frames.

Like all ballistic protective goggles, the Saint was built with the precise aim of creating the best protective equipment in the world through the development of unprecedented relationships with the United States Armed Forces.

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