Funny Congratulations on 6 Months for a Girl / Boy:

  1. 6 months ago, a stork knocked on your door,
    And you became a family, you and your baby.
  2. I wish you happiness, joy, health,
    So that all problems are nothing!
  3. Patience to you, a child of happiness,
    Beautiful and wonderful days,
    So that bad weather does not come to your house,
    So that life seems easier, more fun!
  4. Happy birthday, angel, small and sweet,
    We wish you to live joyfully, happily,
    for 6 months you give everyone joy and fun.
  5. May your mood be excellent,
    Laughter, toys wagon, entertainment – the sea
    We wish you not to know what it is grief,
    Carefree Childhood, health, success,
    Love and to know all-all good joys!
  6. You are six months old today; you have been
    with us for 6 months already,
    We have been waiting and waiting for you,
    You are forever in our souls,
    We congratulate you on this
    the wonderful date at this hour.
  7. We wish you health,
    Baby – you are the sun for us!
  8. I congratulate the baby
    on the holiday – six months!
  9. This date is good –
    Childhood, light, freedom!
  10. I want to wish you
    Joy and happiness,
    The brightest days in fate,
    Life without bad weather,
    So that sadness and tears in it
    Were extremely rare.
  11. Smile, don’t worry!
    Happy birthday, baby!
  12. You tried, you were not lazy, You
    achieved a lot,
    And only six months have passed
    since you were born!
  13. I learned to smile,
    Deftly crawl and sit,
    And with intelligent eyes,
    To look at the beautiful world!
  14. From the bottom of our hearts, we congratulate
    you, Happy Holidays, baby, We wish you to
    be healthy,
    Grow up faster, strong man!
  15. That’s the joy in the house –
    Congratulations from the bottom of my heart!
  16. The kid is already six months old, and he will soon run.
    Grow up soon, baby,
    Mom just does not be a tyrant.
    Do not scandal and do not groan –
    Let’s talk!
  17. I wish you happiness,
    More joyful celebrations.
    You will know – the world is beautiful
    And it is already waiting for you!
  18. Today is half a year for you; congratulations!
    You won’t understand me yet, I know it,
    But soon you will understand everything,
    And run, and jump, and just jump!
  19. Your smile is a real miracle,
    And let this miracle shine on us everywhere,
    You smile at your mother more often,
    With a smile, you eat, play, study.
  20. Grow up healthy and make your parents happy,
    So that they know that they received an award,
    When you deigned to be born into the world,
    After all, there is no better baby in the world than you!
  21. Our daughter is half a year old; let
    the nights go sleeplessly,
    Let us be tired and not sleep,
    We do not feel sorry for his strength.
  22. Our happiness, beauty,
    Happy birthday to you.
    You are still quite a child,
    You are only half a year old.
  23. We call you “kitten,”
    You smell like milk very much.
    You are not walking yet.
  24. And you don’t crawl at all.
    You don’t go to the store yet,
    And you don’t know all the problems.
    You’re still just a child,
    And let the years rush by.
  25. Despite everything, “kitten” –
    We will always call you.
    Grow up fast, baby.
  26. Don’t be sad, and don’t be sick.
    Even if the clothes are still small,
    See the whole world more boldly.
  27. Half a year old baby – the beautiful sun,
    Our swan, the clear falcon,
    You can do a lot, even speak,
    Sometimes make everyone laugh with incomprehensible babble!
  28. Grow up, bloody, become strong,
    Be healthy vigorous, do not be lazy to crawl,
    Develop, baby, to be smart,
    Live with kindness to people in this world!

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